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Bed Bug Treatment

At PIP Rental we have everything you need for your Bed Bug issues! 

Not everyone is comfortable with renting and setting up and monitoring heat treatment equipment but we offer our team of trained professionals to come and set up the equipment monitor during treatment. Our employees will provide feed back on bed bug treatment prep and offer guidance on being prepared for effective treatment.

Prior to treatment PIP Rental will apply Diatomaceous Earth Powder (a non toxic residual bed bug killer application) which combines with heat treatment becomes an effective instant kill application. Diatomaceous Earth will leave a treated area to help prevent against re-contamination issues. All application include heat in all areas over 125 degree's Fahrenheit and maintaining that temperature for 3 hours. All applications include pre-treating outlets and edges of rooms with Diatomaceous Earth Powder.

Heat treatments can be completed in one day and do not require multiple toxic chemical applications. Heat Treatments are the only method that will kill bed bug eggs as well as every stage of the life cycle.   


  • Electric Heat Applications:
    • $499 for equipment and set up - one electric heater with multiple fans. Will treat up to a 600 sq. ft. 
    • $699 for 2 heaters and 3 more fans. Will treat up too a 1100 sq. ft. area 

Propane Application:

  • Starts at $1,099 can treat up too 2000 sq. ft. with fans as many as needed 
  • $1,299 for jobs over 2000 sq. ft.