PIP Rental

About Us

PIP Rental and Storage is a True Value Rental Center. The perfect blend of a local small business with the support of a National Brand buying power. PIP Rental is a local owned family run business with the honor of having taken over a 25-year-old established rental business. Purchased in 2018 by the Campbell Family as the evolution of the PIP Storage Business. The Campbell’s took over the ownership and running of the Rental business as a complement to the Storage business. It was at this time the Taylor brand was purchased by True Value and the store transitioned from Taylor Rental to True Value Rental.  If you are looking to rent items for work or play, we have the items to make the day.

PIP Rental is managed by longtime manager Jim Horgan with support of irreplaceable Sean Harris who is master of everything.  Sara Campbell is lead front sales person and Party Planner.  We have a profession team ready to load you up or deliver your rental tools and party supplies. 

PIP stands for Packy’s Investment Properties and this is another of the local business owned by Packy and Brenda Campbell.  With apartments commercial real estate, 3 PIP storage locations, 3 car Lilac Car Wash locations and RSA Realty LLC in 2 locations. Packy is the biggest customer always renting from his favorite local rental store.  How could we not buy it? Now I have an excuse to get ever tool or party game you can think of BEST JOB EVER. If you need it, we got it! If we don't have it, we will get it.


Carpe diem,