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Magikist Pulse Jet De-Icer 

Magikist Pulse Jet De-Icer 


The Pulse Jet De-icer provides the most effective safe method for thawing frozen water service lines. Without the fire risk associated with other thawing methods, the Pulse Jet De-icer can be used on plastic service lines in addition to copper and iron.


Built for industrial use, the Pulse Jet De-icer is designed as a self contained unit utilizing a flexible tubing to feed a special spray head down the water line to the frozen section. Once the spray head reaches the frozen section of the water line, high pressure is used to thaw the line. The Pulse Jet De-icer is fabricated of steel and is powder painted for extra protection. The stainless steel water supply reservoir uses an immersion heater to warm the water. Tubing is conveniently stored on a hand wind reel. The reel can be quickly interchanged with other reels containing larger lengths of tubing.

In service for over 15 years, the Pulse Jet De-icer is currently being used with great success by hundreds of municipalities and plumbing contractors throughout the United States and Canada.


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