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Thanksgiving Dinner Rental Ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner Rental Ideas

No matter what the size of your holiday gathering, the right rentals can make it easy, entertaining, and elegant. These Thanksgiving dinner rental ideas can help you plan the perfect Thanksgiving event for everyone you’re grateful for.

Why Rent for Thanksgiving?

Even though your Thanksgiving dinner may be “just” family, there are many reasons to consider renting equipment to make the holiday gathering easier. Renting extra dishes, for example, can ensure you have enough for every place setting, and the pieces will match for an attractive table. You can easily rent extra chairs and tables so there is enough seating and plenty of space for all your guests. You can even rent serving equipment you may not have already, such as chafing dishes, tiered servers, and platters, and you won’t have to store the items between holidays. Renting dishes also helps with cleanup, since you won’t need to wash the rented dishes yourself and can simply scrape off leftover food and repack the dishes to be returned to the rental company for commercial cleaning and sanitization.

Even if you may have enough dishes, chairs, and other equipment for a Thanksgiving dinner, renting can help eliminate stress from your holiday preparations. If you are planning a larger than normal holiday dinner, or if there may be extra factors to consider such as your first holiday in a new home, juggling a new baby with your holiday preparations, or coping with less holiday time off, renting can ease your planning and help your Thanksgiving dinner be a smooth and comfortable one.

What to Rent for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

There are many rental options to help with your Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Consider renting…

  • Tables and Chairs – Renting chairs will ensure all your guests have a good seat for the meal, and extra tables can not only expand your dining space, but will provide serving space, a buffet line, or a dessert station as well.
  • Catering Equipment – Add chafing dishes, serving platters, tiered trays, heated servers, and other catering equipment to your Thanksgiving rental list so you can present food beautifully and keep it warm at the same time.
  • China – Opt for elegant, matching china for a beautiful holiday table your guests will appreciate. You can also choose colored chargers under less elaborate place settings for a slightly  more casual table that still has a festive vibe.
  • Glassware – Cover all drink options, from water to wine and bourbon to whiskey to hot cider, when you rent appropriate glassware. This will also ensure you don’t need to keep washing and reusing glassware if guests opt for different drinks.
  • Drink Dispensers – Let your guests serve themselves easily when you rent carafes or larger dispensers for ice water, coffee, hot cider, and other popular drinks. Water infusers are another tasty option to try.
  • Linens – Bring a pop of color to your dining table with fall colored linens, such as a tablecloth, runner, placemats, or napkins. Deep shades of yellow, orange, green, and red and particularly popular, as are brown and tan hues for a lovely autumn color scheme.
  • Flatware and Cutlery – Ensure you have enough silverware for everyone when you rent matching flatware and cutlery. Don’t forget serving pieces such as forks, tongs, carving knives, spoons, pie servers, and ladles for all your different dishes.
  • Coolers – Renting a cooler is a great way to add temperature controlled storage space to your home temporarily. This can be ideal for storing pies and other desserts, as well as chilled appetizers and extra drinks.
  • Decorations – Add more festivity to your home by renting Thanksgiving and fall-themed decorations for your dinner party. A rustic welcome sign, autumn centerpieces, hay bales for outdoor seating, and seasonal wreaths are all easy, beautiful options.
  • Lighting – Brighten up your Thanksgiving dinner with some lighting rentals, such as candlesticks or candelabras. Don’t forget to light the way outdoors as well with torches, lanterns, or luminarias to guide your guests to the front door or outdoor dining space.
  • Outdoor Games – Give all your guests fun options to enjoy on Thanksgiving when you rent lawn games. Cornhole, ring toss, bocce ball, giant Jenga, and lawn checkers are always popular, and you could even rent a Thanksgiving inflatable for younger guests.
  • Tents – If you might consider seating your guests outdoors for the Thanksgiving meal in a mild climate, consider a tent rental to define the space and protect against changing weather. In cooler areas, you might also rent a tent heater for more comfort.

Tips for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Rentals

No matter what you rent for Thanksgiving dinner, read your rental contract carefully to ensure you understand all the terms and conditions of the agreement, including when items are to be picked up or delivered, when they are to be returned, and how any damage may be reported or covered. Ask about instructions for operating any equipment, and take note of the inventory sheet to be sure all pieces are accounted for. When returning your rentals, be sure not to include any of your own personal items that may also have been used for the meal.

Renting items is a great way to make your Thanksgiving dinner a memorable and beautiful event all your guests will enjoy, and you’ll be thankful for how much easier rentals make your preparations, meal service, and cleanup.