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 Do’s and Don’ts With Rental Equipment

Do’s and Don’ts With Rental Equipment

Renting equipment can be pretty easy if done right. Even if you’re on the other side of the counter and you are the one doing the renting, it really all comes down to planning ahead, paying attention to detail, and knowing where you stand. Here are a few do’s and don’ts with rental equipment to get you headed in the right direction.

 In today’s market renting seems to be one of the biggest trends. People are cutting out storing everything, and opting for the quick and easy option, renting. Renting can save you money, time, and space. The first ‘do’ that every renter needs to do before renting equipment is the research. Before you rent anything do your homework and look at 3 of your best rental facilities or stores to compare pricing, quality, and miscellaneous task like delivery, deposits and pick-up times. Once you have an idea of where you want to rent from, visit the store to inspect the equipment to gauge their customer service. Renting equipment should come with low prices, but high quality products and service. If not, you might as well just buy the equipment yourself. Don’t rent equipment without ever comparing prices first. It’s a rookie move and can lead to you receiving the short end of the stick. In addition don’t be late when renting equipment either. If you know you need a tent for graduation, don’t sit on it. Do your homework and put a deposit down so you can throw a party everyone will love. As parents we only have 18 years to book that rental if you haven’t done so already, so why wait. The early bird throws the best party so do place rental equipment early. Even if you have no idea how many people are coming or how long you will need the equipment for, it is best to place the order early and make changes as needed. Another do is to ask questions. This is more geared to understand billing policies, late fees, damaged equipment, and delivery options. All of these can make the entire rental process easier. Don’t walk away without having a thorough understanding of what is expected of both you the consumer and the rental business as this is where many frustrations occur. This isn’t like iTunes where you check the terms and conditions box and keep listening to music. Be sure to read the fine print and do ask questions when needed. The biggest ‘do’ any renter can benefit from is to know where they stand. This means knowing your audience and knowing the task or the project that needs get done. Knowing where you stand will give the best idea of when and how much of something you need to rent including for how long. If you know you have a four hour job, but there’s a three hour limit on the rental, then plan accordingly.  This even includes knowing your budget so that you can choose the most affordable option.  One final do or don’t is never rent alone. Don’t rent equipment by yourself if possible. Do rent with your neighbors or friends to save money. This is the most cost effective way to aerating that lawn this spring or booking that tent for graduation. Coordinate your rentals with friends, family, and neighbors to get the most bang for your buck.

Renting equipment shouldn’t be difficult. Do your research, know where you stand, and don’t rent alone to rent equipment that’s right for any occasion.