PIP Rental

PIP Rental Auto Gas

PIP Rental has 3 propane powered vehicles one a delivery van runs exclusively on PROPANE while our 2 Trucks run on both Gas and Propane. Clean and Green Propane 111 octane. Less oil changes. Less wear and tear on your engine and less cost for you. Ask about converting your vehicle or fleet.

We invite you to convert to BI fuel with our conversion partner >https://www.precisionautogas.com/   

All Conversions come with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. We set you up with a monthly charge account for fuel and rentals. And sell you Green fuel that saves you big on The Green. Fill up at our Propane Station on site or we can build a fill station at your facility at no cost to you.

Current prices for Auto Gas are subject to change. Click here to learn more about PIP Auto Gas.

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